Mittwoch, 26. März 2014

Seven Days From Sunday CIA Thriller

In this quick paced thriller, Iraq's top terrorist makes 2 promises - a kidnapped American provider will be carried out on an offered date, his body unloaded in Baghdad's Eco-friendly Area and a major attack will take place in seven days.

Working desperately to find the American and obstruct the impending attack is an elite 4-man CIA group which includes an attractive female doctor. However they can just watch helplessly as the terrorist and his masked henchmen behead the American throughout a live video feed lugged on the Net.

What they don't know is that one of the masked guys is not a terrorist, however completely innocent. He is an Iraqi pharmacologist who has penetrated the group. His only goal - to find his missing out on fiancée, who the terrorist has actually likewise kidnapped.

After the beheading, he is complimentary to go. But little does he know that his fiancée will bring the departed American's visit the Green Zone, and inside the dead man's mouth is proof linking him to the terrorist.

Consists of benefit excerpt from Sargent's next book, The Shot To Crave.

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